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    Ms. Bomprezzi, Mrs. Gentry, Ms. Martin’s

  Class Page  9/11/17

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We have a great year planned, and we are so excited to have you on the Super Supreme Team. Fifth grade is a challenging year, but it is also a year of new opportunities! As a fifth grader, you will participate in the DARE program and have an opportunity to apply for a safety patrol position, or join the running club. You will be the leaders of our school, and all the younger students will be following your example.  It is an honor, but it is a responsibility as well.  In class, we will perform science experiments, learn how to multiple and divide fractions, read novels, and learn about the great battles of the Civil War, World War I, II, and the conflicts of the 1950s through to the present day. It is going to be a great year superheroes, and we hope your last year in elementary school will be your best year ever!


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What the Superheroes Are Learning This Week


                Social Studies -The Civil War continues. Continue studying notes as we fill them in during  class. Study new voc. words

                Science - Ch 2 Heredity

                Reading - Skills using Fairy Tales -Point of View

                Math -  Comparing, orderng decimals


 PLC Week


  Homework- (Always rely on the agenda for the most up to date info.)                                                                                                                   

            Math -  test Friday  

               IXL - practice at home 15 minutes per day

               Reading- Voc Quiz on Sept. 29

               Science - Study voc, ch 2.  test date to be announced 

              Social Studies-  Study notes nightly & new voc. Quiz moved to 9-27




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