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 We will work on forehand and backhand to partner, and how to toss the ball to serve.

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Making our own dances

The students were asked to make their own dances up, using 3 eight count steps.

Making your own dance

The students were given 2 songs to choose from and had to have 3 eight counts.

Pacer winners

2nd grade boys     Colt Henderson-62
2nd grade girls.     Ashley Moran-64
3rd grade boys.     Jackson Bell-60
3rd grade girls.      Kendell Smith-50
4th grade boys.     Oz Lopez-59
4th grade girls.      Mia Fernandez and Hannah Hunt-62
5th grade boys.     Jack Anderson-85
5th grade girls.      Dusti Duprey

fitness exercise

you have to figure out the math problem to see how many exercises you have to perform.