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Mrs. Bellanti's Busy Bees

Dear Parents,

   I hope you are as excited about this year as I am.  I am looking forward to a great year with your child and with Bartlett City Schools. 

   I just wanted to let you know a little about myself.  I am married with three children and one granddaughter.  This is my twenty-ninth  year to teach.  I have four years experience in second grade, four years experience in first grade and twenty years experience in kindergarten.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s Degree and my 45+ in Early Childhood Education.  My heart is in kindergarten!

   I want to stress to you how important it is for your child to be at school each day.  It is also very important that your child be on time.  Our day begins at 9:00.  Please understand that I cannot talk to parents during arrival or dismissal.  I need to be monitoring the class.  Use the agenda for any questions or concerns.  If you would like to discuss something in person, please let me know and we will set up a meeting.  

   Remember that we are working toward the same goal for your child.  If at any time you have a question or concern, do not hesitate to ask.  Kindergarten is such an important year.  We want it to be a positive and production one!

Mrs. Bellanti