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Battle of the Books

This year, Bon Lin Elementary School is going to have a Book Club. You will have a list of books to read and we hope to have a tournament in April. The Book Club will meet twice a month to review books and practice for the tournament. The club will be made up of 15 members and 5 alternates. The final cut will be based on how many books the student has read and how many information sheets have been filled out on those books.

Eligible Students:
- In grades 3rd, 4th, or 5th
- Attends informational meeting
- Parent permission slip required
- A positive teacher recommendation
- Able to attend meetings before school at 8:00
♣ Meetings will be held on Thursday (twice a month)
- Able to attend the tournaments (Dates TBA)
- Will read several of the books on the book list
- Buy a 1 inch binder for book notes
- Buy a club t-shirt ($10-15)

Thank you,
Mrs. McGee and Mrs. Webster