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Belief and Mission


1.Students learn best when actively engaged in developmentally appropriate, integrated, and diverse curriculum modified to meet individual needs and abilities.

2. Students develop skills for life by learning to utilize technology.

3. Students develop character, responsibility, decision-making skills, and enhanced self-image through positive interactions and relationships with others.

4. All individuals have the right to learn in a safe and nurturing environment.

5. Student academic success and growth are most accurately evaluated through a variety of teaching strategies and assessments such as cooperative learning, rubrics, differentiated instruction, and other research-based methodology.

6. Parents, students, and community are valuable, contributing stakeholders in our educational program.

Common Mission
Bon Lin Elementary is a community of educators and stakeholders committed to ensuring academic success for all students by providing a diverse learning environment, fostering wise decision making skills, creating a sense of responsibility, and developing productive citizens.

Shared Vision
The vision of Bon Lin Elementary is for all stakeholders to create academically, emotionally, physically, and socially well-rounded students by providing a safe, diverse, and academically challenging school environment.