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Learning Links

A web-based fun program that we use to practice all math concepts.  The students love to play and win medals and earn prizes.  The students have been given their usernames and passwords.

This is a fun and informational website that reviews and explains many, many things in all subjects.  The user name and password for are both shelbyc.

This is very similar to BrainPop but for the younger grades.  The username and password are both shelbyc.

An online spelling program that makes practicing for spelling tests fun. Click on the link to Spelling, find the Spelling link, click on it and follow the directions.

A website for the younger grades to make the classroom more fun and to inspire a love of reading and writing.

Food Pyramid

Find out about the food pyramid, play games, and learn all about nutrition at this website.

A really fast dictionary... fast like a ninja.

Inkless Tales is - and always has been - about presenting kids with fun stuff that teaches them. Learning doesn't have to be boring.

Kid friendly information about all things Tennessee.


A fun site to learn all kinds of interesting facts and how to research things.

This website is wonderful for handwriting practice.

This is the Shelby County website.

Edheads helps students learn through educational games and activities designed to meet state and national standards. 

Fun Brain:

I Know That:

Math Playground:

Read - Write - Think:

Biology 4 Kids:

50 States.Com:

Time for Time:

A Plus Math:

AAA Math:

Space Kids:

Cool Math 4 Kids:

The Kidz Page: